Ways to incorporate the Winter Olympics into your school schedule

2nd March 2018 - 5 minutes read

Good evening great minds  Good evening great minds
Today’s lecture contains research work from different countrys  and affiliate links and pictures at no cost for you to download. Every two years so meny event like Olympic Games give us new STEAM teaching opportunities. As a child from Africa I remember feeling like the Olympics were something special. As I’ve gotten older, I must admit I like watching sports less and less. but I claim to be Barcelona fan but I only MISSE . But still the Olympics draw me. Maybe it is the pride I feel for our country when the national anthem is played.The game started since February 9th and finished today 25th, we can still use this year’s events as an opportunity to spark curiosity and discovery. I was excited and feel bad to see how these STEAM investigative activities inspire students outside Africa to think more like scientists.And I’m so happy for our Girls represented us as Nigeria but this bobsleigh team make breakthrough for Africa on ice. They did not win a medal but reached a significant landmark as Africa’s first-ever Olympians in the eventWhy not let’s integrate THIS fun, memorable, and educational event in our class this week? LET’S LOOK AT WAYS TO INCORPORATE THIS PAST 2018 WINTER OLYMPICS INTO OUR SCHOOL SCHEDULEThe ideas below can be used with children of all cognitive levels and physical abilities.1. Activities are separated into the following categories:2. STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math)3. Physical Education (Circuits, Brain Breaks, and Stations)4. Subject Integration (Language Arts, Geography, and Unit Studies)5. Fun (Games, Crafts, and Food)
This list should keep your school busy with lots of learning and fun this week. And while some of these activities are special-needs focused, others are included because they are easy to adapt to the needs of your children. 1, LEGO OLYMPIC RINGS ACTIVITY: BUILDING WITH BASIC BRICKSThe Olympic Rings are super important to the meaning of the games which you can read a little about below.http://www.spedhomeschool.com/2018/02/fun-educational-ways-to-integrate.html
2, MONTESSORI-INSPIRED OLYMPIC MATH ACTIVITIESYou can also read more on how it works. Use the link below http://prekandksharing.blogspot.com.ng/2012/07/montessori-inspired-olympic-math.html MONTESSORI-INSPIRED WINTER SPORTS ACTIVITIESMy advice for all Nigeria Montessori schools is to make their montessori activities theme based.
Passing the Torch & Gold-Medal Behavior To control classroom discussion, only the torch-bearer can talk.Break your classes into teams and assign them a country. Track points for good behavior and deduct for infractions. At the end of the week, month or term, the gold medalists will earn extra credit or special privileges.
The Olympics promote fitness and get kids more involved by exposing students to the wide variety of sports in the summer games. Maybe your students will start the school’s first archery club or Taekwondo club.
6. OLYMPIC LESSONS: SCIENCEFire-BearerIf you were tasked with keeping the Olympic torch lit as runners brought it through your state, what materials would you sustain the fire? What material would make the base that the runner will have to hold? Be sure to explain why those materials are the best choice.
7, RESEARCHING COMPETING COUNTRIESAssign students different countries competing in the games to research. The focus, depth and breadth of this research will obviously depend on the subject and grade level you teach. To focus the project, you may want to have students focus on their historical involvement with the Olympics, the leading national sports, flags, emblems and other ways they represent themselves internationally and customs they would recognize if they met
8, OLYMPIC LESSON: LANGUAGE ARTSOlympics PoetryList 7 pairs of Olympic-themed rhymes. It could do with your sport, athletics, competition, international relations, patriotism, etc. Use those rhymes to write an Olympic sonnet (14-lines). Remember that the last couplet usually adds a twist to the poem’s meaning.

9, OLYMPIC POSTER DESIGN OPEN IN NEW WINDOW Lesson PlanAfter learning more about the spirit and goals of the Olympics, students will create their own Olympic posters incorporating specific design elementshttp://www.atozteacherstuff.com/Themes/Olympics/
10, OLYMPICS ART FUN PRE-K-2Students create medals, Olympic rings, and torches using common materials