Welcome distinguished educators

One big question I like to ask educators is what do they want to be remembered for?

What do you really want to contribute to the lives that are within your jurisdiction?

As many of you may be aware, self-actualization is about fulfilling potentials.

The joy of being an educator is not just about academic but influencing lives, building destinies.

Children are in learning institutions to develop in a wholesome way. It’s all about all round development. Educators have the privilege of moulding destinies. Its an impact that will last a lifetime negatively or positively.

I get surprised when educators complain about their jobs. This is often because they aren’t aware of the privilege of their positions. You will be remembered by multitudes of lives, that is one privilege few get to have in life.

Recently, I got to watch on TV how Jeff Bezos (Amazon owner) send a honorary message to his elementary schoolteacher. Though she was now octogenarian, she remembered his unique potential as a child and she sowed into that future.

As a Destiny shaper, do you ‘know’ your students? Do you care for them beyond classwork and homework? Are you building their confidence? Do you know what makes each standout? What are you speaking and sowing into their destinies?

I get surprised when educators complain about their jobs. This is often because they aren’t aware of the privilege of their positions. You will be remembered by multitudes of lives, that is one privilege few get to have in life.

We are in a season where emotional intelligence is rated above IQ. So many students already feel defeated and uninspired in classrooms, they have no zeal to conquer their world. How do your students feel when they get to your class?

Its funny that we have a saying that teachers reward is in heaven. I believe that in a way, not that teachers will only get their rewards when they get to heaven but that heaven is the rewarder of teachers. The way children are treated is taken seriously by God. Whatever you do gets a recompense here.

It is here that you will first be remembered and rewarded for your contributions to destinies. Children are not in school because their parents don’t have where to dump them when they go to work (though some are faulty with that mindset), they are there because they have contributions to make in life.

Are you conscious of this? You have the opportunity to build legacies and a great memory and name for yourself.

I’m a firm believer of greatness of each individual because each one come preloaded with the resources needed to make meaningful contribution in life. Everyone!
Have you identified the unique fittings and abilities of your wards, students?

Don’t abdicate your responsibility because of what parents or even proprietors do or don’t. Choose to find meaning as you help your student build his or her own meaning in life.

As many of you are aware, children are gifted across different domains. If we limit them to the regular fields, then we shortchange ourselves and cheat them. Most of the time what is required to develop ingenuity and creativity is not some contraption but giving adequate support and enabling environment. Its about affirmations and opportunities.

Are you quick to shut down what you are not familiar with or do you encourage your students to teach you? Many teachers in trying to feign supremacy deny ingenuity of students. Turn the table around and give a task. Let them explain what unique offering they have. And always commend such efforts even if they don’t get it.

You will be surprised to know that the school or learning institutions are the only environments these kids get to express themselves. It is actually quite commendable that they are able to do it in school.

Many homes are troubled or troubling and we are finding increasing number of students with dysfunctional issues. Choose to be the difference in their lives.
Let them know they are valuable and needed. Let them feel safe. Its always a seed that will bring harvest into multiply lives, yours, theirs and the many that will benefit from their contributions.

Thank You for the privilege of sharing your time with me as we build great destinies. You are celebrated.πŸ™πŸΌπŸ™πŸΌπŸ™πŸΌ.



TIWALADE SORIYAN is a foremost counselling psychologist, self-actualization specialist, mental health advocate, trainer and faith teacher. with a bias for individual wholeness and career guidance. She strongly believes that God has created every individual as a unique and complete being in terms of personal and productive attributes and so every individual can and should have a fulfilling life. She has over a decade of experience as a helping professional, facilitator and researcher. She is currently a doctoral researcher of Guidance Counselling at the University of Lagos.

She is the originator, lead facilitator and co-host of the LIFE PURPOSE CLINIC: a self-discovery and career guidance training program targeted at helping individuals discover, develop and deploy their personal and productive potentials. Tiwa is also the Executive director of Full and Free Ministry, a Professional Christian counselling and training mission. She is married to Renowned Life Transformation Strategist, Olakunle Soriyan.

Connect with Tiwa across social media via @fullandfree.