The dictionary definition of art says that it is “the conscious use of skill and creative imagination especially in the production of aesthetic objects” Aristotle sald  “art is the representation of inward significance”

What is Art?

There are many common definitions of art. Few to quote:

  • Art is any creative work of a human being
  • Art is a form of expressing oneself
  • Art resides in the quality of doing; process is not magic
  • Art is the act of making something visually entertaining
  • Art is that activity which manifests beauty
  • Art is mastery, an ideal way of doing things
  • Art is not a thing — it is a way (Elbert Hubbard)
  • Art is the most intense mode of individualism that the world has known
  • Art is a discovery and development of elementary principles of nature into beautiful forms suitable for human use (Frank Lloyd Wright)
  1. Art draws our attention to what’s worth noticing. Artists are responsible for bringing attention to subjects that are otherwise ignored or unknown.
  2. Art helps make connections. Various connections between ostensibly unrelated things, people, or ideas are made through art.
  3. Art imagines possibility. Architects, for example, employ visual art works to imagine a building before it’s built. There are numerous examples in which art helps manifest what is only imagined and leads our imagination to create more possibilities.
  4. Art imagines impossibility. Sometimes the impossible is only possible when it is depicted in the worlds of science fiction and fantasy.
  5. Art introduces abstract, nonmaterial ways of thinking and being.Sometimes art draws our attention to absence, or leads us to think about consequences of our actions that might not be apparent. For example, an image of a piece of trash thrown among the reeds of an endangered wetland makes us think about more than what is depicted.
  6. Art shakes us from our complacency. Art can have a dramatic impact on its audience, such as the political street performance known asThe Theater of the Oppressed, or An Inconvenient Truth, a beautifully crafted documentary that unveils the realities of global warming. It sometimes takes an artistic, expressive method to wake us up.
  7. Art documents and elevates through aesthetics. While it is important to expand our way of thinking about art in interdisciplinary projects beyond documentation and making things beautiful, this aspect of art is still worth celebrating.
  8. Growth Mindset

    Through the arts, students develop skills like resilience, grit, and a growth mindset to help them master their craft, do well academically, and succeed in life after high school

What art projects have you included in your content? How does art serve as a companion to the subject you teach? Please share in the comments section below.