Great evening Educators!!!

I am so honored to be here to share what I consider very important to me.

I believe it will add value to your life and our practice.

Apologies for starting this late.

I believe it will be a memorable time together.

The ‘Better’ Teacher

I consider this group a very good mix in the education sphere. Some of us are New( under 5 years) and some are already above 10 years while others are over 20 years…

Whichever you fall into, you will need the concept of a Better Teacher to guide you into personal and professional improvement.

This is he core of our profession as educators.

As teachers, we can pride ourselves in making students do what they could not do. We ensure they improve. They learn counting, use of words and even form values. In other words, we make them better. Such a privilege to serve generations as teachers!

What happens when we make others better and we don’t get better? What happens to us when we feel stuck? That is the challenge of our profession. It feels good to be a teacher sometimes where you seem to be the master but the danger is that you can also get stuck with the normal.

My suggestion, don’t get stuck.

You need to do the following:

Take Care of You, in the equation. Meaning well for yourself might be a sacred rule to helping others on a sustainable basis. Sometimes in an attempt to serve other people, we erase ourselves from life equation as if we don’t exist. That will not be fair on YOU. You need to respect your dreams and wishes because that is what you need to do to really help others.

Life is ONE. I sometimes wish I have a spare life somewhere but there is no other life we are aware of anywhere. This is your only chance to LIVE. Live intentionally and well. I don’t ever want to get to the end of life and still wish that there are other part of me that I should have explored. Be deliberate about this life you live. It is a gift and how well are you harnessing it.

Prevent Boredom. Becoming an expert at something is fun. The respect that comes with it is really cool. That can happen for a teacher too. But it can lead you to boredom. You just burn-out and start seeking a way out. This boredom, if badly managed lead to lethargy or frustration. There are people who stop giving their best because they are bored. So get creative about your day. Do what makes you smile and happy. That is a short way to refresh.

Doing the same thing day/week/months and years can get us stuck and we wonder why?

We have a boring classroom because teachers themselves are bored.

We transfer our boredom to the learners.

I love it when people consider me different within a short time in terms of my knowledge, skills, attitude and life’s practise generally. This desire keeps me on my toes to make a commitment to ‘break my own records’ every time I can. I strongly belief that everyone has the opportunity to do better today than they

I must admit that it is a lot of work but it makes life full and exciting…

I quite understand that we can be in a life mode of survival that we never seek to be our real self.

As a teacher, you might have developed the low-expectation syndrome for yourself and that will limit how you seek to be better. Having tried a few things, we might enter the mode of ‘nothing-much-about-me’. Simply saying that I am just Teacher. That is all. Teachers who teach from this mode hardly inspire anyone. They overtime become the mediocre teacher who does not do much with life.

But inspirational teachers who see life from the abundance perspective will seek to do more than they did yesterday. They want to help others to achieve more and by that, they hold themselves to high standards. Those are the class teachers we need in the 21stcentury.

Here are ways you can be this Type of Teacher

I will put them around 5 Ts. Ties. Thought. Talents. Technology. Timing.

Ties – There are two sides to this:

Keep the self-discovery on. People think that self discovery is a destination but I love you to see it as a journey. What you have with you today should help you to discover more about you. If there is a new program to attend on self discovery, please do. It is a never ending journey. Sometimes we are fine with the little we know about ourselves. That can bring limits. But you are boundless by nature. Keep the discovery on.

Improve your relational skills. You need to relate better than you related yesterday. Develop strong people’s skills. Stop the habits that stop your relationship flow. Be more sensitive to others. Remember special days and anniversaries. Improve your connectivity. Evaluate the ones you have now and reassess how they will make you better.

In all, take relationships very serious. It will determine how better you become. If you need to get new people (mentors, colleagues and protégé), please plan to do that. If you need to restore failing relationships, please do restore them.

You might need to admit that you need to get better or get better relationships.

Take the step now


I read an inspiring quote year ago… A man’s life cannot be better than quality of his thought. Simply put, the life you live today were the thoughts you had yesterday. You improve your life when you pay attention to what you think and how you think. The mind is your life-creation tool.

Deliberately use knowledge and networks to improve what you think. You need to take thoughts seriously. It is invisible but it is life-treasure. Things will be first created within before it manifest. Use your thoughts to create the future.

Fight negative thoughts with positive statement. Do focus thinking and challenge yourself. The brain develops and the mind expand with creative challenges…

Once it expands, it does not get back to the same point.


Talent is still a mystery to me. I mean people are exceptionally good at something with limited effort and practice while others struggle for years to do it. You must be talented for teaching, at any level to still be here.

Here is the twist. Your talents need to grow. It does not have to end as one big talent. Your talents can transit to many other things. You need to be conscious of making your talents grow. Let it just grow. Look at what others have done with their talents and learn from their path. If they are teachers, they have written specialised books or created programs for other teachers or organize special event, please learn and follow or create your own path. Talent combination is very personal


Remember orange as a fruit. We can plant and commercialise it- orange farm. We can make it into a pure-juice. We can use it to mix other juice. It can be use for medicine. The leave might be useful; this is the closest to talent.


We are digital immigrant. We are working with digital natives. How do we work effectively if we don’t hop our game? Technology will still impact more than we can imagine. Ensure that you are not just users. Create many needed educational solutions with technology.

Imagine today’s class coming to you in the comfort of your space at the lowest possible cost!!!

How could we have done this 20 years ago?

That is the strength of tech that we all have to adapt to…

Show your expertise through technology and ensure you help other teachers or students to learn what you know already. Technology will still create the platform you need for a new world.

Learn more about social media. Use IG and Facebook with others to stand for what you belief. Lend your voice to Education and others. Share resources.

Be generous.

Tech does not change you, it just amplifies you for the world to hear you…


There are many dimension of time. There are ideas that best fit the time we live in. There are challenges and opportunities in the time we live in. Don’t just be locked in the classroom. Explore your world. Be genuinely interested in what goes on around you every time.

Read about countries and government, economy and business, technology and agriculture and everything. It enriches our insight and help you to take a vantage position as events unfolds. Don’t let the world pass by you because you are in the classroom

The beauty is that A BETTER YOU will equip the students Better for the future. The future must not catch our students today unaware.

By the way, what will be the future roles of teachers with advancement in technology? We can be sentimental or just logical. That will be another discussion for another day.

It is one life. I hope we will use it so well that you will be proud that you got better year/month/week out. Use this life very well.

When you get better, education actually gets better.

The child gets better. The society gets better. In fact, your income get better.

Life can be fuller with this spirit of getting better… Don’t plateau yet…

I will see you at the highest heights in life. Let us grow.

Let us wrap up here. Hope it has been a good time together.

Let me take questions at this time.


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