The teacher as the Judge

Today’s lecture is an observational research from teachers behaviour from public schooles, colleges of education, polytechnics and universities and other learning institutions.
As far as the classroom situation is concerned with the above institutions, the teacher is the judge and the evaluator. He passes judgment on everything about the students.
He determines who passes or fails.
He determines who should be promoted and who should repeat a particular programme.
He determines who to favour.


The teacher should therefore be very careful in the passing of his or her judgment, because to a reasonable extent, the destiny and future of his students are tied to his judgment. His judgment can make or mar both the future and destiny of his subjects.
I believe that a good teacher should never judge a student. Because everybody has an area of excellence, uniqueness or calling.
If a teacher judges students wrongly then he/she is not capable of being in the teaching field.
It is therefore not expected of a good teacher to make statements like; which almost 95% percent of us may have heard from our OLD TEACHERS.

1 “I don’t expect all of you to pass this course”

2 “I know that more man 50% of students in this classroom are dunc’es and will fail”

3 ‘ _ “I will advice TUNDE TOBI and CHINEYE to go and learn a trade”

4 ~ “If everybody is passing. I know you cannot”

5. ” I think this boy should come back for this course.”

Any more of such derogatory statements?


You cant judge student because you as TEACHER helping student to build up knowledge!

Classroom is not a “court and teacher is NOT a “judge”



*Any more of such derogatory statements*

If you have more statement like mine

Pls share


And some of us in private schools if not for SALARY



I want to quickly say that most of these odd statements *label* a child.

*Labelling* demoralizes.

*Platform 2*


*You better concentrate and leave all this unserious one’s you’re the only one I’m teaching*
From platform 7


You’d better leave this blocked head. Teach the high flyers.
from platform 6

This is exactly the reason God needs to deliver us from these derogatory statements.
Even comparing like ” You only accompanied these others to school”From platform 14


If students believe in teachers so much means teachers believe in students as well.



So that is why as teachers, we should help our children develop self-confidence that will lead to self awareness and realisation. With this in their minds they can achieve their God given destinies

From platform 3


Labelling a pupil stubborn boy/girl most times harden the heart of such pupil the more.
From platform 14

At times it is not only the spoken words. Even looks and unspoken actions can SPEAK volumes.
Platform 13

As teachers,we have to be psychologically matured.
Platform 3

There is no child with no hidden talent, every child is unique in one way or the other.
It depends on the teachers and parents with the society at large to bring out that talent in every child.

Words of encouragement is the key and not negative words

Platform 3

As teachers, we have to attach emotions to our work, we need to connect with this children emotionally such that you fell empathy not sympathy for them. This way you will love them enough to accept them the way they are. If we don’t truly love the children we teach, such words won’t be far from our lips

From platform 3

Such comments make children withdraw into their shell and feel there’s no point making effort to succeed as they are written off already by their teacher.

From platform 1


Oh my God!! I almost cried reading this.

The worst thing that had ever happened to our society is the horrible hatred that is coming from the ones that are suppose to love.

As a teacher, it is part of your job to love all your students…

Whether we accept it or not, there is an emotional element in our ability learn..

How we feel about our students will surely influence their ability to learn.

If our feelings are negative; they will surely have a negative reaction on our students, and vice vasa

From platform 14


What does your parent do is a term i have come to hate as a teacher as it is often used to demoralize the students. I teach in. A public school and here this statement. Most parents of the students are traders farmers or have petty jobs and this is used to insult the kids most times.

Platform 11



The irony of life is that most students believe their teachers so much that they accept whatever statement or judgment the teacher makes about them and even get influenced by them.
Also, most expensive jokes that teachers crack about their students should be avoided. One of the unique roles of the teacher is to help an individual to identify his areas of best fit and excellence. Nobody is a good-for-nothing fellow. Everybody has something beneficial to offer the world, which is always innate and awaiting discovery.



ODETOLA EBENEZER started his Educational career at TOMIA community Senior Secondary school in Lagos state.

He bagged his Nigerian Certificate in Education (NCE) at Federal College of Education (Technical) Akoka,

Furthermore, he studied Early Childhood Education at University of Lagos and Later proceeded to study Fine Arts in University of Benin.

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