CAPACITY FOR NEW IDEAS: UNLEARNING lecture by odetola ebenezer israel

Published on 21st October 2019

Our innate capacity to learn, to think, to create, and adapt endowed us with the…

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Practical Curriculum Integration Techniques (PCIT) as an integral factor in slaying the Scheme of Work. Lecture by okeyinfu ajayi

Published on 10th February 2019

Good evening all. In Preparation for our class at 6pm, kindly review this An integrated…

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Creative Maths Methodology lecture by Moyo Jogunosimi

Published on 31st January 2019

Course CODE MMC001 Course title: Mastering methodology and curriculum Good evening Educators, I am delighted…

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Cme free university of learning

Published on 15th January 2019 are you on CME FOUNDATION Your Name (required) Degrees (Ph.D/M.Sc/B.Sc etc) Phone Number (required) year... Read More


Published on 18th November 2018

  Odetola Ebenezer is officially the principal consultant creative mind Educo with about 5,000 members…

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Critical Observation on Mathematics Teacher in levels of Education a WhatsApp conversation with Mr ILESANMI TIMOTHY T.

Published on 8th July 2018

Good evening powerful Educators, it’s of high privilege for me to share my views with…

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