Good evening every body
I am very glad to be here with you today.
Please be patient with me today because I am addressing 8 groups at the same time.
I am Sahar Eldeeb trainer of methodologies, and strategic planing
I have been working for and with children for more than 35 years
I am a mother of 6 children too

One of my children is adopted since birth
The reason I a mentioning about my adopted child is because he is the one who really made me believe in every child and be sure that every child is able to succeed if only be placed in the right environment
I am 53 I started working with kids when I was 18
My child was abandoned by his biological parents and neglected at an orphanage. He got very sick and got brain injury due to his illness
When I decided to adopt him he was 10 months old. All doctors said he will stay paralyzed, will not be able to see again as he lost his eye sight, and he will not talk!
I decided to take him because I knew that he really needed me the most.

I took him to my home. Set for him loving and caring environment full of learning opportunities. My method was to focus on arts and craft plus lots of verbal communication. Now he speaks two languages. Walks runs, communicates very well.
Other cells in his brain took place and he can see again
This made me believe that loving and caring environment can make mirecles
So today let me talk to you from my experience that worked great for me and may work with kids like him or any kid around the world

So today let me talk to you from my experience that worked great for me and may work with kids like him or any kid around the world
So today let me talk to you from my experience that worked great for me and may work with kids like him or any kid around the world
First and away from my son story, when you plan to set an environment for children you need to ask your self first what do you need to do for them. How to attract them to come to you. What are their fears and how to get over it
I am talking about young children fro born to before starting school

First who is involved in the child’s environment?

Great! So we can say staff, parents, and peers
When setting up the environment we must be very selective to the staff who is going to work with the child. This person must love children, believe in them, and on top of all creative.
The selected person must have no discrimination for any child for color, race, or disability, or any family background
One time I hired a person. In her first day of job. She was not able to work with the kids. She said one word to me made me fire her in her first day of work. She said “this kid looks like he is from low background”
Now comes to the parents. I know there are some parents are very picky and difficult to work with but we also must understand that they are leaving the most precious person they have with you for long hours and every day
We also should know that developing good relationship with parents makes working with the child alot easier.
The child will think that you are part of their family and will cooperate accordingly
Now the peers
We as provider play great role in helping children develop good relationship with their peers
Never criticize a child in front of other kids
Alway encourage them to have sympathy towards each other
Have enough materials and supplies to avoid fights and conflicts
I don’t want to take much of the time on persons because I want to have time to talk about the physical environment
I mean talking about peers, parents, and staff however I have alot to say โ˜บ

Now, can anyone tell me what kids need to be ready for school?

Now, can anyone tell me what kids need to be ready for school?
Children need a physical, psychological and instructional atmosphere which allows them to feel comfortable, curious and confident as learners.
They need to be personally, socially, emotional developed.
Children need thir social skills harnessed, physically ready and also be able to communicate to a large extent
A teacher who is ready to embrace, love, mould and mentor them. A teacher who is ready to give LIFE to teaching.
A school environ that is home away from home
Their school materials?
Physical appearance Neat uniform, socks, well polished shoes and they re good to go
Their minds need to be prepared for schl
They also need to be emotionally ready
School fees paid
Uniform, school bag, books n writing materia, lunch box, water bottle,
Welcoming and enabling environment
An environment that meets their needs and interests

We all thought about the outside appearance. We forgot the essentials for making them ready for school.
From my point of view, the most important elements are
High self esteem
Making good choices
Problem solving
Good language and skills of communication with others

How can we help the child to be well armed with these success elements before going to school.
By setting the physical environment.
The preschool environment must be welcoming, engaging, makes the child feel that her belongs to that environment

The first few words we say to a child on waking up matter a lot. Though we may be in a hurry , but a little kindness and love will keep the child’ s spirit alive and ready to go. Same thing happens on their arrival to sch.
Well for one, we must avoid criticizing them, or putting them down before thier colleagues’

There are instances where the environment is not welcoming not necessarily because of the staff or tutors but their fellow pupils or students. How does one help a child in such instance?
How can the environment be welcoming, by greeting the child Witt a beautiful smile that make him and his parents feel how happy you are to see them

Use words like,
I missed you, I couldn’t wait to play with you, or make this project with you. Or I cooked this just for you
Make every child feel that he is your favourite
Take this, each parent in my school think that his child is my special one, and the parent herself or himself think he is the favorite one however I love them all the same
Make sure to have some events where you can invite the child and the parents to meet other parents and children and you all act like one family. Trust me this makes working with their kids alot easier
Now how can the environment be enraging
The environment has to be set up in an easy way for children to make their own choices
I believe in self learning with some adult support

If you are going to a store to buy some stuff wherever you go the sales man follows you, yes sir how can I help u? U say oh I am looking around
You go look at the dresses he rushes to you, mam, we have this in so and so color, it is very nice, it can look gorgeous on you, and so on..
Where ever you go this sales man follows and annoys you! I bit you you will leave and never come back to the store
Children are the same. Just observe them and wait for them to ask you for help. You can also add to what they have already started
Ok. In your environment you should focus on 4 aspects
Fine motors
Gross motors
Arts and crafts
Dramatic play
Since we are running out of time I will talk about arts and crafts
In my school I never use ready patterns for kids to color. I always encourage creativity. Creativity is the key to help any human being to be successful
Patterns trains kids to be followers and we really want to create leaders

Make paining and coloring tools and supplies available for them at any times and let their mind creat
You will be amazed when u find out in a very short time they know their color and favorite some, the make shapes, and suddenly you will see figures! Figures of people, objects, trees, and much more
They will imagine and tell you stories about what they drew
I also have all craft materials and supplies available for every child
I have a lot of kids work in my face book page
I create my own. You can create yours., we all can adapt from each other but never forget creativity
For example I know kids won’t sit or listen unless I really make my project very engaging and hands on
I teach the shapes, numbers, letters, so on… Through arts and crafts ONLY
I am very welling to send you arts and crafts creative ideas to use with your students
Processed art is a very useful tool to teach kids patience and proudness
When the kid paints, then let it dry, then add some other crafts, glue some objects, let it dry again, then frame it. This makes the child proud of his outcome that he waited for.
I will ask sir admin of the group if we can have this topic next time, “teaching numbers and shapes via art to 2 years old”

We also must always pay attention to what the child has created. Ask them questions and if the answers doesn’t explain what they are saying don’t correct them. For example if they drew a line and said this is a tree, or this is my dad or anything, always show them your interest and never tell them it doesn’t look like it
Always hang their arts and crafts on the wall. Make sure to ask the child to explain to his parent what art he has done, every time he is picked up
Praise their arts and crafts constantly in front of them with whoever comes to visit
By saying this is nice, I am going to hang it on the wall to show it to your mom I am sure she will love it
Always take pictures of the students individually while they are making the projects

So now to sum up. I talked with you about things that surrounds child environment and has great impact on him. It has great affect on his or her future. I know what I said was really brief because of the communication method” typing” next time I will try to arrange with sir even some audio conferences. I would like to thank all of you for giving me this opportunity. I also encourage all of you to ask me any question, or share any experience with ne. Thank you all and see you next time ๐Ÿ˜˜๐Ÿ˜˜๐Ÿ˜˜๐Ÿ˜—๐Ÿ˜˜๐Ÿ˜˜๐Ÿ˜˜๐Ÿ˜˜
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Sahar Farouk Eldeeb. Mrs. Eldeeb has 25years of executive management and extensive expertise in training methodologies and strategic planning.

In addition, Mrs. Eldeeb, herself, has adopted and been caring for a child with a disability and special needs for over 17 years, since birth. Her personal experience with a disabled child is the driving force behind her goal to improve other disabled children’s quality of life.

Ms Eldeeb studied early childhood development in USA. She has her own preschool since 2008 She believes in creative arts as an essential learning method in the early years.