A number of important principles result in school effectiveness and excellence Based on research from different schools, as well as the school-reform managerial literature in general.

Many of the factors and variables are what I’m going to be talk about tonight

School Owner, administor and teachers can adopt or adapt these principles to help improve their schools.


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1. The school should have a clearly stated mission or set of goals.
2. Students should achieve at a level commensurate with their abilities.
3. School achievement most be closely monitored.
4. Provisions should be made for all students, including tutoring for low achievers and enrichment programs for the talented and gifted.( art competitions)
5. Teachers and administrators should agree on what is “good” teaching and learning; a general philosophy and psychology of learning prevails, although it may not be clearly stated or labeled by the staff. ‘
6. Emphasis on cognition should be balanced with concerns for students’ personal, social, and moral growth.
7. students should be taught to be responsible for their actions and behaviours; every student has a “home base” where teachers advise and provide guidance.
8. Teachers and administrators should be up to date on the new knowledge of teaching and learning, as well as knowledge in their specific area of specialty.
9. Teachers are expected to make significant contributions to school improvement.’
10. Administrators should provide ample support, information, and time for teacher enrichment.
11. A sense of teamwork should prevails; the staff should works together in teams not to create carcos, and there is interdisciplinary and interdepartmental communication.
12. Incentives, recognition, and rewards are conveyed to teachers and administrators for their efforts on behalf of the school.

13. The interests and needs of the individual staff members should matched With the expectations of the school
14. New professional roles should be created for staff has the opportunity to be challenged and creative; there should be a sense of professional enrichment and renewal.
15. Staff development programs should be provided for teachers for latest instructional techniques, including how to teach students how to learn so they can eventually learn without the teacher.
16 The school environment should be safe and healthy; there should be sense of order
17. Parents and community members should be in supportive of the school and are involved 1n school activities.
18. The school should have a structure and identity of its own that students, teachers, parents, and community members understand and share.
19. The school is a learning center for the larger community, for the young and old, for students and parents alike, it reflects the norms and values of the community, and the community should see the school as an extension of the community.





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About 5. Perhaps teachers and administrators should start with development of personal educational philisophy in order to “understand” their mission and therefore build up school mission/goals?
From DR INGVAR STÅL ( Sweden)


If not, they’d assume everyone knows what to do, assume they’re all on the same page, and find that each person has a different definition is “good”.

From Mrs Adefakoya



Good point. It is essential that teachers and school leadership have a common shared philosophy of education, a binding vision and a set of core values that they will follow. When this is agreed upon collaboratively, it can be a powerful way of moving a school forward

From Mrs Adefisayo


School owners platform


Sir I will love it if the school owners platform can be synchronized with our respective feedbacks… So they get realtime responses and get to put in place necessary adjustments.
From platform 14


12. Incentives, recognition, and rewards should be conveyed to teachers and administrators for their efforts on behalf of the school.

*Some school owners don’t like this aspect yet they forget these are motivational tools to encourage educators to put in their best.*


From platform 14


Both school owners and teachers can make the sacrifice. But most importantly, teachers I mean teachers who are progressive in outlook, MUST set aside some amount for constant improvement. One can’t give what one does not have. Education has gone beyond the normal.


From platform 11


Some school owners don’t understand that school environment has to be safe and healthy. Environment and classroom should attract both parents and pupils. It should serve as magnetic field. Enter some schools today and you find classrooms are bare ugly and unattractive and no effort to improve.from platform 14


Educators should develop themselves, gain more knowledge and experience to be best in their field

From platform 14

In general, every school should create own “school-culture” which includes:

(1) relationship between teachers, students, administrators, parents, and community

(2) Learning Environment




Spot on! The first thing parents should look out for when seeking for a school for their kids are the mission /vision of the school.
Platform 7



Child centeredness education is no doubt of immense value to star students/pupils and empathy is key. School owners should ensure that educators are well supported in order to bring out their best in them. Let’s move from being selfish and being valuable.

From platform 11

In as much as incentives for teachers are of utmost importance, tribalism & favoritism of a sect in the school environment should be highly discouraged.

Platform 3

Teachers should feel free to share ideas and learn from each other



Platform 2


How many schools follow vision and mission of their school. I see vision and mission as English words which businesses (school) need to attract their clients ( Parents). Not all schools follows vision and mission.




Educators should fashion ways to discover and provide solution to pupils/students emotional instability . With this dealt with, learning will effectively take place.



Not many schools follow this and that is why they are not rising above a certain level of mediocrity. In schools where there is a defined vision (where we are going), defined mission (what we are about) and core values (how we relate to all stakeholders), there is order, purpose and advancement.


From Mr Adefisayo


Evaluating a business is not how we measure learning.  Products and services are sold for profit and we stack sales versus costs to validate business success.  That works fine for a business but not for a school.
Teaching success is measured in a much more subjective way.  The most powerful evaluation for a teacher is when a student returns later in their life to report how the knowledge given to a student helped them.  In the most complete way, there is no way to measure learning in any objective way.  Sure, there are some ways to evaluate schools in a more objective way but at the end of the day, the effect of the learning on that student is unique and subjective.


From DR ingvar ( Finland)


Heads of school, school owners should not encourage tell tale / gossip. Some tend to favour talebearers and on the long run it affects the school plt2

The solution is to return schools to the teachers that do the work. If businessperson or celebrity has a plan and a teacher has a plan, the teacher is always going to be on the short end of that contest for influence.  Teachers are in the classroom, every day, so they actually know what works with their students.  We should respect that expertise and experience.  TEACHERS SHOULD LEAD.
Who is better qualified to develop systems to evaluate real learning and real teaching than the teachers?  Teachers should be charged in each school to develop processes and procedures to organize and to run the schools.  Teachers are perfectly capable of leading their schools.  They have never been given that opportunity.  The reason is that in our culture teachers do not have the status to lead.  The first step is to recognize that teachers need the freedom and the power to teach.  Pay teachers based as if they really are the most important people in the lives of our children.


From DR ingvar

Educators should fashion ways to discover and provide solution to pupils/students emotional instability . With this dealt with, learning will effectively take place.

From platform 14