✏🗣📡 Happy New Year to you all. Eben you may just think you are having fun but you are writing your name among History Makers.
Many people read history
Some share and teach history
Few make history.
I acknowledge your doggedness. Thank you for this great job.


I want to also acknowledge the sacrifices of all the school owners on this platform, I call you salvation armies of Nigeria Education. I imagine what it will have looked like if you people have not invested in education. Imagine Lagos with a population of 20 million with just 1011 primary schools. And about 700 Secondary Schools.

To all the exceptional teachers that have remained in the classroom in spite of the Odds. I doff for you. As a teacher’s son I am experienced in the good, the bad and the ugly of being a teacher. I say thank you for remaining in the classroom. I am a teacher who is interested in helping ordinary teachers take extraordinary decisions every day.

Teachers and School owners perception of quality create Learners Reality

Teachers and School owners perception of quality create Learners Reality

Teachers and School owners perception of quality create Learners Reality

Let me start with the teachers. I know some teachers did not get paid their December salary. Allow me to apologize on behalf of your management.

How do we ask you to have a positive mindset even when you have not received December salary?

When you get into your classroom on Monday and allow that to affect you, when you will graded by nature, it will be based on your actual performance not causes of your performance

I dare you to give yourself the benefit of showcasing your best no matter what

There is a deep connection here, when you bring just one new thing into your classroom, you are training yourself to innovate and bring new things to your own life also.

That is a Win-Win

Your mindset needs to shift away from allowing your salary to determine your performance.

Tell yourself I want to just give my best this term.

Your lesson notes are they static or progressive?
Can you tell yourself you are not going to copy from lesson note this term
Can you tell yourself no more teaching without instructional materials this term?

Can you tell yourself no eye-service this term?
Can you tell yourself how much you intend to spend on your development this term? Percentage of your salary

There are basically three models. Working with your HAND ALONE



Your greatness lies in your mind.

Nobody can decide what you are working with.

A positive mindset is a growth mindset

Teachers the way you do one thing is the way you do everything. Make sure your learners meet smiles on your face from day 1 till the end.

Chose to be happy.

As you are working with best practices mindset, best practices will show up in your life

Teachers go and Whaoooo your learners this term. Determine the end from the beginning.

Have you read Teachers are Dead? That is one for Neurological Repatterning for Teachers. You will be glad you did. Call or Whatsapp 08033352600 to make your order.

School owners you have to come to realize that teachers are partners in progress. No teachers No School.
Treat your teachers the way you want them to treat the learners and parents.

Enough of get out of my school! Let there be a clear policy that is binding on all

Influence teachers mindset through relationships and training. Communication is key.

School owners and head of schools Pls learn language patterns that are corrective and not humiliating

Let me end by saying Old ways may not open new doors. Teachers eliminate the mindset of I Can’t because you can do all things.
School owners August and December salaries are important.

Teachers what you do is what nature rewards. They way to get what you want in life is to help many people get what they want.

Teachers must come to understand that the WAR against POVERTY is a SERIOUS & PERSONAL WAR

Teachers your best lessons this year may come from your mistakes. Don’t be afraid of mistakes.

Teachers your best lessons this year may come from your mistakes. Don’t be afraid of mistakes.

Trying to change your life in 2018 without changing how you spend your money is COMEDY

Trying to change your life in 2018 without changing your ASSOCIATION is COMEDY

Teachers – Trying to change your life without changing your EDUCATION in 2018 is COMEDY

Teachers I dear you to engage in the act of SELF CARE and SELF LOVE in 2018.

Give the world your best possible and you will be surprised as you turn your Valley into Mountain Top.


I honour you all

Ashimolowo Ademuyiwa is my name just interested in raising teachers with money sense.

You need a coach who can follow you to the dark and rock bottom then hold your hand to your light.


See you all at the top. Welcome to 2018 my most creative year.

I am ready for questions



Ademuyiwa Ashimolowo, is a lecturer at the Department of Early Childhood Care and Education, Adeniran Ogunsanya College of Education Ijanikin, Lagos. Author of best selling book Teachers are Dead. A researcher, coach and a teacher’s son. Master Practitioner and Facilitator of NLP, National Secretary, Early Childhood Association of Nigeria.

Ashimolowo Ademuyiwa is a Brand Strategist and Alumnus of Rome Business School, He leads Mabysgold Coaching Network.

Mabysgold Coaching Network basically helps ordinary teachers take extraordinary decisions every day, leading them to the threshold of their minds where they no longer blame their proprietor or government. We are committed to raising TEACHERS WITH MONEY SENSE because Learners cannot out think their teachers.