Good evening all. In Preparation for our class at 6pm, kindly review this An integrated curriculum is described as one that connects different areas of study by cutting across subject-matter lines and emphasizing unifying concepts. Integration focuses on making connections for students, allowing them to engage in relevant, meaningful activities that can be connected to real life“An integrated approach allows learners to explore, gather, process, refine and present information about topics they want to investigate without the constraints imposed by traditional subject barriers” (Pigdon and Woolley, 1992). An integrated approach allows students to engage in purposeful, relevant learning.How Many people can hold their breath and speak?


The very act of breathing is one of the ways that we are able to make nasal sounds. Our body is an integrated system and this is how we need to begin to see our subjects or we will always have a learning defcit in terms of topics listed out on the term’s scheme of workWe need to as teachers begin to create connections that lead to deep learning for each student. We need to look beyond our subjects and say, how does my geography link to HistoryIn this simple sentence we find several subjectsWhen we look at this sentence, Kwesi, kindly bring the 3 book in the second drawer and drop it on the table by the doorFor exampleSecond – Ordinal numbersWe can look at 3 books – MathsKwesi – We can explore the name and its originHence, when I am teaching word problems in match, I see the connections to literacy and build understanding becuase I undertand the importanceThese kind of connections break down the barriers between the different subjectsBy the door – again prepositionsThe more active we are the more we learnLiving and non living things
Basic Science: Environmental Pollution
Topic on civic education ‘ pressure group ‘
English Grammar: Parts of speech
We ve topics posted already
Okay great
We can link these three
In looking at Living and non living things, I will look at the location (geography). We will also look at connective vocabulary as a unit in Literacy. We will use a comprehnsion passage titled Environmental pollution in  Lagos
In doing that, we will explore why Living things thrive in some areas and not in some – can this be due to pollution? We can begin to break down the types of pollutants and write about that and see what we can do to reduce the effects of the NON-Living things as pollutants.
Of course, Grammar come in becasue during the comprehension passage, we have broken down grammar into the component parts.
Pressure groups can be taken into gender and ages. We can begin to look at the different age groups and the type of pressure each faces. We can begin to write about these and explore if location is a factor in peer pressire
Literay is easy to weave inIntegrated learning encourages students to see the interconnectedness and interrelationships between the curriculum areas. Rather than focusing on learning in isolated curriculum areas, an integrated program is based on skill development around a particular theme that is relevant to the children in the class.

“In an integrated curriculum unit all activities contain opportunities for students to learn more about the content”Integration closes the gap between what we planned to teach, what was taught and what the children learnt. Thank you all for listening and all the questions asked

Do read the collation for other platforms when it is posted. Some groups were on fire

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