Tonight, we will be looking at a very important topic.

*Positioning your School for Growth via Automation*

Growth we know is very important to us as individuals, educators, school administrators and as School owners

What do i mean by automation: The use of technology for teaching, Learnimg, administration, communication etc.

Automating our schools involves both implementing and using hardware and software in our schools

Examples of Hardware includes: Desktop Computers, Laptop, Tablets, Mobile Phones, Projectors, Interactive boards, Scanners etc

Software include: School Management Portal, Video editing software, Graphics Software, Social Media etc

Implementing and making good use of all this tools positions a school and as individuals for growth.

I will show us how with some points

Point 1:

Automations promotes innovation.

When teachers have tools to create video contents & info graphics for the consumption of their students, accessible to the students on the schools web or mobile app, you will agree with me it will help the educators to be creative and also propel to students to become innovative.

Secondly, when students are given online assignments which requires them to make research and submit their assignments online, you can be sure it will improve their ability to be innovative.

Point 2:

Automation ensures world class educators and students.

Aside from curriculum the level of technology adoption in a school will to a great extent determine how well her students and staff can compete with their counterpart from other countries.

When they are exposed to the same tools, it places them on the same level.

Point 3:

Automation enhances communication

Communication we know is very important in every relationship. This is very important for any school that will grow.

I have observed a gap here.

Having a school portal that automates your communication to and from parents will surely cause growth.

For example Edves Portal provides an alternative to communication book, it makes it possible to send the same content of the communication book to parents and they will receive it in app or via email. It also has provisions for sending emails and bulk sms to parents.

Using a system like this ensures parents are properly informed and updated.

Point 4:

It brings about transparency.

A school that will grow must be able to keep proper track of every activity in school.

Where a school portal takes care of:

Bus services
Student information

It makes it difficult for any staff to come up with fake reports because the administrator or school owner can easily login from their devices to keep track of what is happening in the school.

Point 5:

Automation solidifies structure

Teachers know what they need to do and access their platforms to do It,

Same applies to the bursary department, Admissions Office, Academic office etc Everyone knows what they need to do and get it done on their various platforms.

It eradicate the need to wait for each other. For example in result computation, all the teachers in the school can input their scores online at the same time without waiting for each other.

A school that will grow can do without a good structure!

Point 6:

Automation gives you insights which helps with decision making

Making the right decision starts with having the right information.

For Example Edves Portal provides educators and school owners with information such as

Distribution of Grades in a test/assjgnment/homework this helps to know how many students had an A, B, C etx

Attendance info, which helps to know per day students who are present or absent

Periodic payment reports, which tells how much is paid in for fees and other charges daily

Provides details on health info of students and lots more.

Trust me having information at your finger tips makes you productive

Point 7:

Automation Promotes Research

Growth can not be achieved without continuous research.

A school with free WiFi (secured from unwanted sites) for staff and student will help the students and staff to grow via research

Point 8:

Promotes Parents Involvement

Parents will not always be available for physical meetings, but where an online platform exist ( especially a mobile app) for them to monitor their children’s academic, behavioural performances, give feedback to the school, see timetable, view the school calendar etc then you can be sure more parents will get involved.

Point 9:

Automation eradicates redundancy, saves time and money.

In an automated school same task do not need to be repeated by different offices. Departments can easily make use information from each other.

Time will be saved and poured into more productive activities more so money will be saved.

Point 10:

Automation promotes collaboration.

Your team can collaborate on task and ideas just as we are doing via whats app at the moment.

It also makes it easy for staff & students from other schools or country to interact with your school.

Here transfer of knowledge can be easily achieved.

You will agree with me that a school that wants to keep growing must Automate for these few points of mine


Thanks so much for having me here




Mr Dare Adebayo biography
Dare Adebayo has a keen interest in technology integration in the education and enterprise sector. His vision is to transform the
education sector in Africa via the use of technology and he has been taking giant steps in this direction for the past 7 years.

He is a Co-founder and the Chief Operating Officer of EDVES LIMITED ( a software company focused on the Automation of Processes and Records in the Education Sector in Africa with a current user base of over 100,000. EDVES has been helping Educators, Parents and Students do less of paperwork thereby increasing efficiency.

As an operations executive Dare has an excellent record of exceeding profitable goals and a history of success leading initiatives for sales, marketing, customer relations, projects and product management.
He is an inspiring and motivational manager with first-rate interpersonal skills with an ability and passion to build lasting relationships with colleagues, clients, partners and vendors.

Dare has a first degree in Computer Science, second degree in Technology Management and is happily married.