An experienced, enthusiastic and focused creativity educator, Trainer and learning environment therapist. he is the director of creative mind educo, He teaches on imagination , creativity ,innovation and curiosity in education, Odetola Ebenezer is committed to safeguarding and promoting the creativity education and well-being of teachers, children and young people at all times. Ebenezer is passionate about giving the best possible education in life for problem solving, he is someone who is fundamentally committed to good practice and innovation and who is very much a team player he has established ( achievements art club etc. Organiser creative mind educo, children’s art competition). Always engaged in continuous learning in order to broaden his knowledge and experience, He is confident, passionate and enthusiastic about working with children and young people to develop the 21st century skill. His passion for education holds no bounds and he is constantly seeking reform in the education sector by embarking on delivering training programmes in the area of creativity, innovation, practice in education and teacher’s competence.
Till date, odetola has become a house hold name when it comes to the education of the Nigerian child.


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2014 University Of Benin, Benin City .
2011 Federal College Of Education (Tech) Akoka Fine And Applied Art Education.
2005 Tomia Community School,Alagbado, Lagos