Ify Obidi is a Certified Educationist and an E-Learning Consultant with over 7years of teaching experience.
She helps professionals and entrepreneurs within and outside the educational sector, strategically create and push out video contents to earn more income and achieve greater results.
She is the Founder of the Tech-Savvy Teacher Academy, an online platform for teachers and business professionals, which offers tech courses and coaching programs that increase productivity and job effectiveness. She has trained over 80 teachers, school owners, administrators and business professionals and has recorded amazing results. She has immensely transformed the teaching and learning experience in schools within her reach.
She is also the Founder and CEO of My Dream Tutor, an e-learning platform that offers fun, convenient and an unbeatable learning experience for children in nursery, primary and secondary school.
She is the Convener of a fast growing community of teachers and business professionals on Facebook called the TECH-SAVVY TEACHERS, one that has added value, impacted and transformed many from tech novices to tech geniuses.