Thank you Mr. Obetola
So, todays discussion will be about integrating AI into education

My name is Viktor Nordmark, I live and work in Stockholm, Sweden.
Since early 2016 I’ve been involved in a project that we’re calling
Hubert is a chatbot designed to help teacher collect, interpret and take measures from the insights that come from
student feedback.
Hubert chats with every student individually and then compiles all comments inte themes that are presented to the teacher along
with best practice recomendations on how to improve teaching.

Could you kindly provide some information about yourselves?
Where do you live, what grade do you teach and so on

If you could kindly take a look at this post, we can continue our discussion based on what you think.

I am an Eyfs teacher,teaching @an international school in China I was recruited from the UK, I taught in London for 12yrs before moving to Beijing I have taught the UK all the way from Early years up to Yr6nice connecting with you

I’m a Year6 teacher, Deputy Head Academics, and SM handler in a private EYFS/Primary school.


Nice to meet you toon

There are several companies using AI to find the best path trough education for every student. Is this something that you might try at your school?

What use-case from the article did you find most compelling?

Anyone fear that AI will replace teacher jobs?

If you’ve never interacted with an AI before, let’s try something. Enter this link an talk to Hubert, our AI-based teacher feedback chatbot

Luckily, the majority of educational AI-companies is trying to help teachers. Not replace them. I think this is a really important aspect if we’re going to introduce large-scale AI into education

So, did anyone try the link? What did you think?

If there’s anyone who would like to use Hubert in your own class, you can create a free account here:

So, time is quickly running out and I have to go soon. If you have any questions, please state them now πŸ™‚

If anyone would like to reach me, kindly send me an email at
Have to go now. Take care everyone. Bye!



Fantastic presentation
You’re wonderful Sir
I hope you have learnt something new this evening


My sincere thanks to MR VIKTOR

Thank you very much for your time