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Good evening everyone. It is indeed a great pleasure to be on this platform once again.
I hope we all have had a restful and eventful weekend.

Good evening everyone. It is indeed a great pleasure to be on this platform once again.
I hope we all have had a restful and eventful weekend.

So I would he sharing with you all tonight on the EFFECTIVENESS the MINIMUM STANDARD.

I will be open to taking questions at the end of the session.

When we have no clear expectation or demand on us, it leaves room for the following realities

  1. We become aimless
  2. We become goalless
  3. We become limited
  4. We become impactless
  5. We end up in a state described as uselessness

Educators are quite familiar with standards. Infact the profession and sector is littered with so many demands on professionalism, qualifications, standards, benchmarks etc.

This is due to the fact that expectations exists. Infact it would be right to say that expectations are drivers of standards ad quality.

When the expectations are high the demand becomes high.
However when the expectations are low or average the demand becomes low or non exsistent.

Strange Reality:

One strange reality I have come to discover is the situation of being oblivious of any form of expectations.

This case is what is prevalent in

  1. The teaching profession
  2. Schools
  3. Education administration
  4. Education regulation
  5. Education development
  6. Education sectors
  7. Education Sphere

Let’s take this a step further.

We are familiar with skill sets required for professionals, educators, teachers Administrators, consultants, school leaders etc.

However the skill set most times if reviewed is summarized in qualifications tied to academics.

We must realise that there must be a minimum combination of the following to balance up and measure up against standards or benchmarks.

  1. Skill Set
  2. Be Set
  3. Do set

In our current reality we always push mainly for SKILL SET.
Our institutions of learning dominates in this, same with our recruitment, evaluation, funding and investments etc.

Please don’t get me wrong. Skill set is great infact I believe it encompasses much more than qualification or certification.

I am more interested in the sequence that we stress and champion the path to follow.

The desired sequence should be as follows;

  1. The Be-Set
  2. The Skill-Set
  3. The Do-Set

Please observe this sequence or order closely. You will discover that the DNA of effectiveness is hidden in this sequence.

Our doing is always less of excellence mainly because of our BE SET.

Many education professionals and educators have some degree of skills, qualifications etc.
However the challenge is in the ‘HOW’ the deploy their skills etc.

We don’t look like the finlands of this world not because of curriculum, politics, funding etc
Our reality in education today is mainly a BE SET problem.
This hampers and hinders effectiveness.

This is the big question.

Some define it as the degree to which something is successful in producing results.

I like to define effectiveness in two ways.

  1. Effectiveness is RESULTS
  2. Effectiveness is getting things Right.

With the advancement in the world, sectors and systems.

The emphasis today must be on effectiveness.

I honestly believe our era is so different and places a demand on us all to boycott certain routines that creates a feel good factor but delivers no results.

Our potential stays hidden and buried when we don’t give effectiveness the needed Effectiveness
So let’s break it further to clear terms.

I will share my thoughts through three major points.
This is to help us gain better understanding on the subject matter.
Effectiveness the Minimum Standard.

Three Points:

  1. Demand for Effectiveness
  2. Duty and Discipline for Effectiveness
  3. Dignity through Effectiveness

Point 1: The Demand for Effectivenes :

Effectiveness is not some philosophy picked up to become another trending matter in education.
This is because we seem to be trend lovers. We observe so we can trend.
Education is much more than trend. Infact if your goal lies in your ability or capacity to always trend, you might miss out alot because some changes, growth, impact and results emerge when we shift from being conformist.

We all can’t play copy and paste all the time. It is a proof of mental laziness and lack of clarity.

The demand for Effectivenes is a global one.
It is not just a Nigerian or African thing.

The workplace today is so dynamic and evoles rapidly thereby placing a demand on us to be effective.

Schools are not left out in this. Our score cards, KPIs, control measures must be anchored on effectiveness.

Teachers must also realise that the job and profession only profiles effectiveness not head knowledge or years of existence.
Longevity without effectiveness is undesirable and leaves a sour taste in your career path or profile.

We must realise that individuals who have risen to the top of their career are also not immuned or exempted for this demand.

Regulators, associations, consultants, chairperson, board members, committees, Inspectors, Directors, founders, administrators and every one within the interface of education, schools, learning must be effective.

Lack of effectiveness erodes and impedes on service, service delivery, impact and outcomes

So we need to pursue this with a resolve to build up ourselves, our team, schools, leadership in every possible way through the use of

  1. Consulting
  2. Training
  3. Coaching
  4. Research
  5. Reading
  6. Reviews
  7. Counselling
  8. Mentoring

Point 2:
The Duty and Discipline for Effectiveness

When it is considered a duty then it becomes a MUST. As an obligation we tend to take it more seriously.

You owe the sector your effectiveness, you owe the school effectiveness, you owe your employer effectiveness, we all owe the future effectiveness.

Once this is accepted as a duty, then we must treat the demands as a right and not a privilege.

For example trainings then becomes a right to all at all levels and not a privilege.

Personal development becomes a must to all at all levels and not an option.

Professional development becomes mandatory to all and not just a concept of chance.

We must train at all levels. Teachers are not the Guinea pigs for training. If teachers get trained, administrators must get trained, same with bursars, secretaries etc.

It is not meant to be an ‘either or’ thing.

There also must be discipline. It would cost you and I something.
Effectiveness would cost us time, sacrifice of reading, research, accuracy, data collection and information management.
If you dump Discipline, you will end up sabotaging the entire process and reality.

Point 3:
The Dignity through Effectiveness:

The irresistible educator, professional, schools etc are the ones who have been dignified by their effectiveness.

Effectiveness give you a name and reputation. If your desire is to grow and glow the you must realise that the effectiveness journey always pays.

1.There is personal dignity that comes to the individual or entity.

  1. Also we experience public dignity.
    The world celebrates effectiveness and sooner or later the world of education, the word of customers, the world of profit will celebrate you.
  2. Perpetual dignity: this happens when mastery is shown and is consistent. Keep on at it and you will grow and smile.
  3. Prominent dignity this is when you emerge the first and best among the rest.
    It is a sought after state where your name is top of mind.

I hope with these few points shared tonight we all can get inspired to strive towards making effectiveness not the goal but the minimum standard.
This will deliver results for us in

  1. Our jobs
  2. Our careers and profession
  3. Our schools and organisations
  4. Our industry and sector

I believe the best and right time is now.

Be effective, Do effective, Stay effectiveetc
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Thanks for your patience and time. I hope you found it useful and insightful

Do have a great week ahead

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