Good evening dear colleagues in Nigeria and other countries !😎

To night I would like to discuss 3 topics :
1. The old vs new school
2. What is modern education – step Into the future.
And if we have time 3. New school as a learning Environment
I would like to share some pics from the last week from my classes in order to create school Environment. Those pics are from Sweden because I am working here as you all know.


For 360 ago great J.A. Comenius created class system. Fantastic idea!
The same class idea is around the world.
The difference is what we are doing inside the classroom.
Lets take a look.

 Here is overview

Thank you William – Teacher – centered MODEL.
The Finnish national curriculum define the learning goals of the transversal competences.

They are 7 competency areas.

Every subcejct in the school enhance the development of all 7 competencies
This is new way to combining competence-based and subject-based teaching and learning
How to organize learning in this case?
Here I would like to present the working model – HSIO model which we developed and tested with my colleagues in Finland

This model is student centrerad.
We start with planning
So this is student-centrerad model as we see. TEACHER is companion with students in order to guide them into knowledge construction.

Here is comming som pics from the last week field study visit with my teacher training students.

Last one is standard teachers station
Laptops are freely availible for pupils during the day.
Laptops station is out of the classroom – “borrow desk” in the hall.

That was all from my side tonight.

Dr Ingvar Stål

Dr Stål is ILETS International Adviser on Interdisciplinary Science Curricula in schools.

Research Interests

  • Humanistic science teaching
  • Interdisciplinary approaches to educational systems
  • Educational philosophy, including constructivism
  • Theory of curriculum design
  • Student-centered teaching and teachers’ transition
  • Implementation of modern technologies into teaching processes
  • Cooperative and collaborative learning
  • Comparative didactics
  • Highly motivated and Gifted students
  • Action Research


I am a researcher, professional teacher, educator and philosopher.

I have developed, conducted and managed research in the field of Humanistic Science Teaching, using a Scientific Inquiry approach –  nationally and internationally. I have presented research findings at high profile international conferences, seminars and meetings. Currently I am working and researching at ILETS within theme’Humanistic and Scientific Inquiry Oriented (HSIO) Methods as a Tool to Support Junior High School Students’ Learning Processes’.

I have worked as a teacher in many international contexts.  During the past 14 years I have been Head of   Science at Botby Junior High School in Helsinki, Finland. To ensure that my own students receive the highest quality education I have successfully implemented the findings of my research in teaching and learning processes. I have developed an innovative model of teaching Science, known as the HSIO model.  The model has been endorsed by many leading scientists worldwide. It is based on student-centered facilitation.

From the beginning of  August, 2013 I will be educational developer and science teacher at the Metropolitan International School (MIS) in Viernheim, Germany.  I  also carry out work at Åbo Akademi University (School Resources) as a project coordinator in order to engage science teachers in new training programmes.  These include: ‘Discovery and Technology’, ‘Gifted Children’,  and ‘School Sciences and Modern Technology’.

Additional Information

I am member of the

  • European Society for the Systematic Innovation of Education.
  • International Association for Technology, Education and Development – (member of the International Scientific Advisory Board)
  • International Organisation for Gifted Children “GLUON” (Russia) – (Gifted children)

I have engaged as a resource person at the Educators Professional Development Department: “Professional Development for Teachers, by Teachers” (USA).

I am engaged as an expert in the field of interdisciplinary science at the Finnish Educational Board in order to          develop the new Finnish National Curriculum in Physics for Junior high schools.  This will be implemented in 2015.

Additional Details

Project Leadership

Technology Industries of Finland Centennial Foundation, Vetenskaps- och teknologiprogrammet UPPTEK (Discovery&Technology) i grundskolan (The Science and Technology program at Junior high-school),(2009-2011).

Swedish Academy of Engineering in Finland (STV i Finland), “The modern technology and UPPTEK (Discovery&Technology)” project,  (2009-2010).

The Finnish Educational Board, “Gifted students and Discovery &Technology program”, (2012-2015).