Hello ladies and gentlemen of the most noble job,
This is Ndidi Olamide Adekunle of the NurtureKit Facebook Page and Group.
I’m a member of the Education Redefining Team Nigeria( EduRed) and what you’re going to be seeing in here today, is part of a core message my team and I are sharing amongst our Education industry colleagues. Indeed the outcry of all of us. You and I.
I’d like to at this point also salute the work that is going on in this group The Creative Minded Educators, the work that we all are doing, and of course, Eben especially for championing it.
We must press into the relevance of 21st century Teaching, and Education Content.
This evening, I bring to you, one of my heart cries ♥ ♥ ♥.
🏫 Questions are welcome all through the 2 hour session, pls.
Enjoy it….
Creative Writing 101
“Children don’t write as well as they should, these days” True or False??
Compare and Contrast, the Creative Writing models in our schools, and that of the UK, the States, Canada, Finland, to mention a few other samples if you’re privileged to examine some of them.
The difference is clear.
Why should it be so??
Creative Writing for them goes beyond paragraphing, punctuations, story hand, mountain or map, as we do it.
Let’s change that totally and begin teaching Creative Writing models that can take our children’s writing beyond SSCE and hand them the writing skills that they yearn for; the sort that made Chimamanda Adichie.
The sort that crafted the bestseller, Harry Potter( and oh, the author was a class teacher, by the way).
And other bestsellers.
Bottomline: Can you teach children to change “the price of fish”, with their Writing???
Let’s start from the beginning
Question: When do you start teaching Creative Writing???
Answer: From Creche and Preschool.
~Bedtime Stories
~ Nursery Rhymes
~Show and Tell
~Read Alouds
~Picture Stories
~Story Telling/ Make up your own Stories
~Give a story different ending
~Add a twist
~ Speech Prompts and encouragement to use language in communication.
~ Rich relational and environmental experiences like visits and relating with a vast number of wholesome adults , occupations, and peers.

Interesting! Thank you Anty Ndidi. Just joining
Bless you sis


It’s a well known fact that children write better who read vastly, and who have great experiences to glean from eg travel, holidays away, etc.

That said, let’s talk basic Sentence Openers and Connectives….
Ever heard even Secondary School kids try to tell you a narrative?
And all you hear is;
And then,
After that,
And you literally want to cry for the loss of good speaking, and good Writing???
Are you a Primary or a Secondary School, and this is your pain???
You’re ready to tackle your Creative Writing headlong, and groom excellent writers to make you proud in external examinations, and in the world as they grow???
Surely you want your students to stand out anywhere, even internationally, regarding Creative Writing?
And you’re not just “getting” it, somehow???
And how will they learn unless they are taught?…..

Now let’s examine a few,
Used to make speech and writing much more captivating and full of flair.
Mind you, they also make awesome display board materials around the entire school, or as Morning Assembly presentation content, if you like.
The idea is to get the children touching, hearing and experiencing these things regularly, to imbibe them.
See these; 👇; Picture
Do visit this site, for more examples: http://www.keystage2literacy.co.uk/openers.html

You will notice in the Sentence Opener examples, that the vocabulary is more for Lower Primary levels.
This brings us to another point;
This presupposes that Creative Writing at each level, should depict the level of the writer by sheer reading it. A Year 5 writer should by every means, reflect a more advanced acquisition of vocabulary and connectives or stringing of sentences, even if trying to express the very same thought as a pupil in Year 2 for instance.
Level Up picture then
PDF share of Progression Examplers

Let’s talk;
A fundamental first, in teaching children great Creative Writing.
Show them good essays by other kids, book excerpts, etc.
At least, what a good essay, could look like….
Examples; PDF share of year 6 samples.
This is the point at which reknowned texts can be reviewed in classroom group discussions in order to extract plot, setting, use of vocabulary, and some of these things we’re speaking of.
Also, this is a good time to examine some chapters of great authors like Charles Dickens, Chinye Achebe, Chimamanda Adichie, etc.
Indeed the models that these writers use to achieve their enviable writing feat I dare say, is not the same as that taught to us in our schools. Nor is it the same as that which we use for our own students.

Brings us to the topic of;
Which refers to the actual story, whether narrative, descriptive or else, and the entire mapping or progression, or build up of the story.
This is where the paragraphing comes to play. The planning of the plot.
How many paragraphs will the story have?
Traditionally, we’d say 3, Introduction, Body and Conclusion.
Now that’s okay for 2nd and 3rd grade but by 4th grade, children should be able to expand the plot of their stories, to put in more detail and drama where necessary.
Remember, always with a well examined Model in mind.
Let’s examine some Plans and Plot models;
2 pictures story mountain and setting
PDF shares plan, cpow mat and 1 more

In Conclusion;
It’s obvious that if we’re going to teach Creative Writing that will make the neededa difference, we will have to give it time.
Daily, if possible. Along with Maths and regular English Language/Literacy.
Please look through the shared PDF’s again and notice the teachers’ evaluation methods in WILFs ( What I’m looking for) and full blown corrective comments rather than scores and check marks.
As well as the pupils WALTstatements( We are Learning To…). Which he writes at the beginning of the Writing to remind him what to do.
This way, the pupil knows exactly what to do the next time writing; what to look out for.
And all these will take time. But it’s well worth it.

My take: Some subjects may have to go for others.
Other Ways to Infuse This Creative Writing Practise;
👦 Subject Clubs
👧 Assembly Presentstions
👦 Social Media Weekend or Holiday Classes
👧 Summer Holiday Classes
👦 Class Homeworkl Projects
👧 Group Projects, etc

In all, we need to go back to our drawing board, and begin to work on infusing these practices.
I propose a meeting of the English Language department Teachers in each school, chaired of course by the most proficient of them.
Where they can examine these documents here today, and seek ways to redraft their Lesson Plans, Scheme of Work, Whole school Display Boardss etc, in order to infuse into their curriculum, these documents here today, directly, or indirectly.
So help us God.

Questions Questions : Yours
Mine; Using the Sentence Structure Models above, write 5 of your own sentences.
1st 10 people to inbox me their correct answers, get for FREE, the entire file of 25 Sentence Structures to use in their schools as they deem fit.

With that, we come to the end of my Creative Writing 101 Session.
Incidentally, NurtureKit is presently running a promo, where a host of our Workshop resources are being made available to the public. Freebie offers available also.
All in the bid to empower colleagues all the more, for the coming session.
Do please take full advantage.

Thanks and God Bless….



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