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Good evening Educators,

I am delighted to be with you today.

Thank you for the invite Mr EbenI’m Moyo Jogunosimi fondly called *Moyotician* (Moyo the mathematician)

At *The Lifematics Centre* we have a culture of addressing ourselves strictly by our *Maths name* .

I’d have loved to give us maths names but time will not permit.If you’re around, post a maths emoticon 📐Our focus for today is:

“`Creative Maths Methodology“`It’s no news that several students hate Mathematics and the major reason is because _Maths is taught mostly in the abstract form_

What are the creative ways we can do Mathematics?

They are numerous but I will speak on fewStories are timeless teaching aid and all you need is a creative mind and your mouth😊

I’m not a fan of ‘always’ writing the topic on the board as soon as you enter the class, sometimes keep your students in suspense.1⃣ “`Storytelling“`Let them deduce the topic from your storyI will tell few stories here*STORY 1*

“Hi Tamuno, see your chubby cheeks. What were you up to during the holiday?” asked Nsisong

I was sleeping and eating wishing school will not resume 🙄 but here am i🤷🏽‍♀responded Tamuno

One of the things I enjoyed most was Aunty Ese’s cupcakes🧁

You mean your Aunty that owns _Finger tips confectionery_? Nsisong interrupted

Yes, she’s the one. Her cakes can make you speak Swahili even when you’ve not learnt it.

She brought us  *half of a dozen* and spoke to Mum about not meeting up with her demand for Christmas because she didn’t have enough staff.

I quickly volunteered to help. Not because I felt like working, I just wanted more cakes 😁🤣

Aunty Ese gave me *a quarter of a score* more cupcakes .

Really? Nsisong said and you didn’t invite me to munch.😕

Aunty Ese is nice o, she gave you *half of a dozen* and *a quarter of a score* next, how many did she give out then?How many cupcakes did Aunty Ese give out?The story above paints a real life scenario of *addition* using *mathematics vocabularies*

Starting your class this way, captures the interest of your students because _they can’t predict_ where you’re headed.*STORY 2*

_Guy, what are you looking at?_ asked Efe

We have new students in our class and they’re identical twins; I was trying to see how I can differentiate them as they walked by but the more I look, the less I see responded Ali.

Efe grinned and said
I have analysed them.

One of them walks and seats with his back bent, his name is *Acute*

Another likes to slouch and his walking posture reflects that, his name is *Obtuse*

I didn’t notice that you know, I was busy looking at height, eyes and weight. Thank you Efe for the analysis

*Note:* you should gesticulate while telling how Acute and Obtuse walk.In story 2, I spoke about angles without mentioning angles 😊

Interesting… Am enjoying the classInteresting2⃣ “`Recycled materials“`Many of us remember the stories of tortoise we were told decades ago, and probably can’t remember what we were taught in final year in our tertiary institutions.

_Story explains concept and boosts memory_ why wouldn’t you use it?It entails using things you would have thrown away.

You probably need to put a note close to your dustbin *”what else can I do with this?”*This is another free resource.

Even when you can afford to buy every teaching aid you need, there’s something about working with waste that builds your creativity and critical thinking

This was made from carton.

It was wrapped

Stuck materials like matchsticks, cotton bud, toothpick etc to form 2D shapes.

Shape flashcards were made (not glued to it).

Pupils are expected to place the each flashcard in the appropriate space.

The shape tray is for shape identification

Of all learning styles, the Kinesthetic learners ‘suffer most’ in Mathematics class.

They are also seen as a nuisance because they will not seat in a place, they’re either taking permission to go to the loo thrice in 10 minutes or poking a student etc.

But the true reason is because;

  1. “they are not taught the way they learn”
  2. “they are fishes compelled to climb trees”Sure you can see money is not an excuse for a boring Maths class 😊With activities, their energy is channelled appropriatelyLet me add that activities aren’t restricted to primary School, it extends to SecondaryEven as adults, some cannot seat for one hour without moving.

They’re not restless, that’s just who they are 🏃🏼🏃🏼‍♀Example of Maths activity

The picture above is a Cartesian plane with my Kinesthetic student 😁Yes they’re graph sheets, but the average Kinesthetic learner will enjoy that less.

After introducing topics with activities, you can move to abstract.

Remember I said earlier that the major reason Maths is hated is because it is only taught in the abstract wayWe have the x and y coordinates.

You *run* on X and
*Jump* to Y
(X, Y) (Run, Jump)

When you have (4, -3) you run to 4 and jump to -3 to get your point.With this activity, I have taught the same thing some Maths teachers teach from the board.

Students are likely to remember the activity much more than lecture method_”Tell me and I forget. Teach me and I remember. Involve me and I learn.”_

– “`Benjamin Franklin“`Be strict with your goal but flexible with how you achieve the goal.

Your goal is for learning to take place, if they have to jump, scream, dance or sing to learn it’s fine.

I wonder who made us think class must always be quiet 🤷🏽‍♀

Undo that thought if you still think so please4⃣ “`Games“`

When thinking of a creative maths methodology, think around things that children do effortlessly and create content from it.

I need not tell us how much Children and adults enjoy games.

Games can be;
1. Indoor
2. Outdoor*Indoor games* include Apps, board game, card game etc.

You will be surprised at the games you will see if you type a topic on Play Store.

Lifematics Centre has some Maths games, you can private chat if interested

*Outdoor game*

It is important to take Mathematics outside the four walls of a classroom.

It helps students to see Mathematics as a fun loving subject.

We take Participants through outdoor games during our onsite trainings.

I hope I was able to point you out to some ways you ca make Mathematics creative despite the poor internet connection.

I apologise for the delay caused by network.

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