This workshop intervention is a creativity drive designed for educators to assist them create an aesthetically outlook in their respective classrooms that will act as a silent curriculum reinforce learning and assist in creating an exceptional learning experience.



    The workshop is expected to be for a full day (8.30am – 5.30pm)

    The workshop delivery will be in practical, interactive, informative and life transforming. The following instructional methods will be used in training delivery:

    • Formal presentations
    • Peer training
    • Group work and exercise
    • Role play
    • Demonstrations
    • Mentoring
    • Self-assessment and action planning


    N10,000 per teachers, early payment N7,500. Account details, Account number: 0487259260, Bank name: GTB bank Account name: Creative mind educo. Fees includes certificates, materials, lunch and display policy guide for schools and teachers.


    22nd of February 2020, 8:30am to 5:30pm


    The truth of the matter is nothing should be considered impossible until proven impossible, the possibilities are endless some of which are our content we have for you;

    1. To support you with scissors cutting skills through KIRIGAMI and ORIGAMI
    2. To support the teachers with knowledge of technology integration into classroom display boards
    3. To provide knowledge needed to create learning wall for numeracy and literacy
    4. To provide, in a long period of time, the knowledge-based required for designing memory boards, literacy boards, behavior reward system, motivational display boards, interactive display boards, conceptual display boards and child centered display boards for effective classroom management.
    5. To provide knowledge to create a differentiated classroom displays


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