Odetola Ebenezer is officially the principal consultant creative mind Educo with about 5,000 members on whatsapp with the aim of supporting teachers and professional worldwide in their efforts to craft educational environment, where adults and teachers thrive.

He studied art and early childhood education at the university of Lagos, and later proceeded to study fine art in the university of Benin.

Ebenezer is a talented/dynamic motivational speaker who is experienced and enthusiastic.

He is an art educator, artist researcher, trainer and learning environment therapist and focused creativity educator per excellence. His enduring passion for education knows no bounds as he constantly seeks for an effective reformation amidst the educators. He ensures this by embarking on delivering trainings programmes in the area of creativity, innovation, practice in education and teachers competency. He has developed conducted and manage research in the fields of design and aesthetics and the effect on learning to use interdisciplinary approach.

He is currently representing ILETS group Sweden, he teaches creative art and consult at the supreme education foundation school.
He is also a project consultant at the kings school Lagos.

Till date Odetola has become a household name when it comes to education of the Nigerian child.

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