Throughout the history of education, numerous leaders in education have viewed the environment as the third teacher, and therefore as having equal importance as the teacher.
How is thinking about the environment as the third teacher beneficial?
We believe that a well designed environment can support and enhance all areas of children’s development and learning, just as a poorly planned environment can distract from overall development and learning, and we know and believe that;

Environment should be contents rich.
Environment should provide feedback.
Environment should Provide support for knowledge
Environment should support learning through the senses.
Environment should support play and the learning needs and preferences of each child.
Environment Should Support for the development of skills
Environment should include a wide variety of tools and opportunities to
Environment should provide practice and acquire skills.
Environment should support curiosity, creativity, cooperation, and friendliness.
Environment should support childhoods.
Environment should be aesthetically pleasing.

Remember to invite your colleagues because It is important to enlist the help of children in environmental design, as it is of course their learning you are working to support. Supporting children’s learning is one of the mandates of early childhood education, and by enlisting all resources—including the environment—to help attain this goal, success can be attained.

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