Ronke Adeniyi (aka RonkePosh) is a fun loving, energetic and enthusiastic lady, a Jesus freak, wife and mum.

She is a serial entrepreneur who loves to empower people. She owns the best preschool in Ikoyi, Lagos, Nigeria called PoshBabiesandkids and also a Children’s Entertainment Company called PoshPartyPacks.

RonkePosh is the Founder of the Helps at Homes Initiative which focuses on Parenting in the 21st Century and the proper recruitment of domestic workers in homes in order to prevent risks to families.

She is passionate about the subject as a result of being a victim herself after she relocated to Nigeria from the United Kingdom. RonkePosh has a keen interest in protecting children who are often the victims of dangerous domestic workers.

RonkePosh is also the founder of the Parenting Facebook community called PARENT RIGHT!!!