Good evening, great minds and nation builders. I want to acknowledge Mr Ebenezer for this great work. Thanks for being a model.

I consider it a great honour and privilege to speak to you all this night
Permit me to introduce myself to those here that don’t know me.

My name is Ademuyiwa Ashimolowo, I am a lecturer in the Department of Early Childhood Care and Education, AOCOED.

Author of best selling book Teachers are Dead. A researcher, coach and a teacher’s son. I am a Master Practitioner and Facilitator of NLP. National Secretary Early Childhood Association of Nigeria. I lead Mabysgold Coaching Network.

We basically help ordinary teachers take extraordinary decisions every day and lead them to the threshold of their minds where they no longer blame their proprietor or government.
The topic before me is Brainwashed Teachers: Advocacy for Empowering Patterns.

I am excited because some teachers here are among the new generation of teachers that will make great stories for the coming generation.

One great man asked when your name will be mentioned in future will it be for warning or good example?

I know clearly that some teachers stories will be used for good examples. Welcome on board especially those that are willing to move to the empowering side of life.

I don’t expect you to only shout Whaoooo, you must do #WHAOOOO. This is #KnowledgeNotSharedInSchool
If you don’t run your unconscious mind,  the world will fill it up and run it for you.

The media,  religion, culture, economy, school, government  and even your boss all want to Brainwash you.  They know that once they have been able to influence your beliefs system they have a level of control over your decision making
Let me state here categorically YOU CANNOT NOT BE BRAINWASHED

The question today is Who is brainwashing you?
Today our focus is on Brainwashing Yourself

In order to reach your desired place of prosperity you have to be in charge of your minds. #BrainwashYourself
Anybody who has control over your mind controls what you create and your reality.


Will it be better if you are the one brainwashing yourself? I welcome you today as you begin a process of brainwashing yourself. Yes I mean yourself to get your desired results.
Who you are today is the result of your conditioning by your handlers and what you have been through. Imagine that you are born in Brazil or Iraq, what will you be doing? You cannot not be brainwashed. #BrainwashYourself
Let me talk a bit about power,  power is a very emotional word. People’s responses to it are varied.  For some negative,  some lust after it other are tainted by it.  How much power do you want?  How much power do you think is right for you to obtain or develop? What does power really mean to you?
When you do this diligently there is nothing you cannot achieve with this knowledge when applied with will power. You need to use you most powerful power “Your Unconscious Mind”.
Power is constant in our world. You shape your perception or someone shapes them for you. You do what you want to do or respond to someone else plan for you. The most important power is ability to  do what you want and create value for others. Power is the ability to change your life to make things work for you not against you. It is the ability to direct your thought processes, your behaviour so you produce the precise results you desire
All these lies in your unconscious mind. And it is as vulnerable as it is powerful.
Basic facts about the unconscious mind

1Your unconscious mind records everything you say and do. Including what you are not saying consciously and hearing.

2. It does not hear “NO or NOT” if you say I will not get late to school,  it will delete the not and give your mind a picture of getting late.  If you say I do not want to be poor it will delete the not and process a mental picture of poverty.

You should rather say I want to get to school early or I want to be rich.
3. Your unconscious mind cannot comprehend the future,  it only knows now.  That is why you have to set your goals in present tense as if it has happened.

4.It controls 95% of your life and leaves just 5% to the conscious.

5. It does not know the difference between your imagination and actual event. That is why people cry or get scared when watching a movie they know is not real.
6. It utilises Repetition – Say something repeatedly and you will begin to belief it, even if it is false
In order to achieve a new reality and result in your life you must reprogramme your conscious thoughts. This is why you must Brainwash yourself. Are you excited and ready?
So here is how we do it

1. Take a sheet of paper and write what you want in full details. It could be anything.

2.Begin to Visualize yourself doing it, the unconscious mind does not know the difference between reality and fantasy. A single fantasy can create a million reality.
3. Stop watching TV and programmes that contradicts your beliefs and what you want from today for the next 30 days. (this is very important to your final outcome).

For the next 30 days from today no Television for you. Give yourself this gift of no Television for 30 days. You must Brainwash yourself
5. Create a new affirmation for yourself

Create the affirmation using “I am” or “I have”
e. g


I am big

I have new outcomes

I am moving towards massive achievements


I maximize success in all areas of my life

I aim high and push myself to the limit

I think big and go after my dreams

I dream huge and take huge action

I always take things to the next level and achieve massive success

I am someone who pushes limits and get the best possible out of life.

Create your own affirmations.
6. Create an alarm on your phone to remind you to say your affirmation every 30mins for the next 30 days. This will help you to create a new mental picture
7. Begin to talk about what you desire as if it has happen.  Use your imagination like a child.
8. Repeat, repeat and repeat these actions to Brainwash your self.
Rome was not built in a day but it was built. Teachers your Life is the Rome that must be built. And I dear to go and do exactly that.
People who succeed do not have fewer problems than people who fail. The only people without problems are those who are dead.

It is not what happens to us that separate failure from success, it is how we perceive it and what we do about what happens that makes the difference

There is a pattern behind success and poverty.

The patterns help people to create and recreate either poverty or prosperity again and again
What are patterns?
Since you can teach a dog patterns that will improve its behaviour, you can do same thing with people. If they are willing
If you want to be successful find a way of modeling the patterns of successful people. It’s a matter of time you will be successful.
However my goal for you today is to help you identify your patterns and know whether it is leading you to success or not.
A consistent learned action propelled with a congruence between the conscious and unconscious mind.


There are some things you will always do. Even when it gives you the outcome you don’t want you will rationalize it. That is your pattern
I have no doubt that some people will take offense and while they are criticizing us we are intentionally working to improve our outcome.

One of my mentors once called me a maverick teacher
Not everyone is in control of their circumstances and there are exceptions no doubt.

You have a right to join the exceptions. And I congratulate you that you are here at this time

If you don’t fix yourself don’t blame the Madam or Government. #TeachersAreDead
If you are aware of the patterns of the poor and you avoid them intentionally you will achieve a different result.
If you are aware of the patterns of the rich and you model it. It is a matter time you will achieve more desired outcome.
Patterns of the Poor People
Poor people buy clothes and products on sales. This implies that they don’t buy on budget. They buy by external triggers and adverts. In fact they buy things they don’t need and waste money
Poor people watch a lot of television. Quite a lot things you watch on the television have no positive impact. I did not say all. Rich people struggle to be watched on television and read about in the newspaper.

Television watching should be limited to knowing what is happening around you and the world.

If you have time to watch season films, zee world, telemundo and Africa magic 151 to 157 it means your time is idle.

Hmmm is this your pattern?
Poor people wake up later than rich people in their early days. They are lazy in their early days so when they grow up they lack all necessary skills that the world wants to pay for.

I have told teachers, the problem is not that you are poor, (that is a symptom) the problem is that they don’t have what to exchange for money and they end up miserable. People who don’t focus on growth when they are young will have to work hard when they are growing old. An ancient Jewish thought says if you do what is easy your life will be difficult, if you do what is difficult your life will be easy
Poor people are madly into sports. Except you are a professional athlete or owner of the club or team. There really no emotional gain from addiction to sport watching. It is like television. A form of escapism from your current reality. I thank God, there was a time my friends refer to me as complete football. I rarely watch my darling Manchester United nowadays.

What sports does is that as you are a spectator in the game gradually your unconscious mind processes it and you even become a spectator in the game of your life.

So many teachers are spectators in the game of their life and they even have valid reasons for it.
Poor people blame others for their misfortune

How many people have you seen doing this – many. They blame their proprietor, blame Buhari . 99% of life is about you. Life is not what happens to you. It is how you react.

Poor people victimise themselves. When events happen to the rich they want to know why, how and how to prevent it in the future.

The poor takes a position of vulnerable victim while the rich takes positive learnings.
No Savings. For the poor Life is an Emergency. The predicts and prepare for what is going to happen. Even emergency shows up they can take care of it. Also when opportunities come up the poor has spent all he has buying things he does not need or cannot afford. The rich uses opportunities to expand their lives.


I have seen so many of my civil servant colleagues buy things that does not generate income with loans. Imagine buying clothes, television and smart phones on loan. Ignorance.

When there is opportunity to make small investment they have mortgaged their salary long time ago. Many can’t even pay tithe. When they spend their money before they get it.
Poor people have more kids at early age without planning for it. Hence life becomes a struggle.
Poor people surrounds themselves with poor people.
Finally – Poor people are more religious. I am not saying rich people are not religious or that being religious is not important. Statistics shows that there are more poor people in the place of religion than the rich.

There are more religious organizations in Africa than in Europe and America
Poor people believe others should help them. The world does not owe you anything, nobody does, you must earn it by yourself. The world rewards only those who don’t quit. If you don’t help yourself don’t blame others for not helping you.
Poor people are impatient. They find it difficult to follow through on their ideas. Everyone has 24 hours and some utilises their own more than others. You can’t control or change how you were born and you can control the amount of time you pump into your dreams
Poor people don’t seek more than physiological needs. Food, cloth, air and shelter.
Check your place of worship and look at the statistics of those in church during the week.


Also check the difference in offering during the week and Sunday.

It’s unfortunate so many teachers are trapped in the place of worship.

Yet those not coming during the week as the one testifying. What an Irony.

Teachers you need to ask questions now
Bishop Oyedepo once said we could not have achieved all what we achieved today reading the Bible alone.
The successful people give their all to their life, while not taking their eyes away from religion.

The poor think nature will just favour them for being good.

It amazes me that even the religious organization are funded by the rich and hard/smart working people.

My pastor said it in about 3 Sunday services ago that Fasting and prayers has about 45% chance guarantee that you will be rich and the other 55% is the reason why people who are religious are rich. However he admonished that if care is not taking poverty can even take away the prayer and Fasting and the rich may find his way also into prayer and Fasting. It’s time to stop asking for permission from people to be successful. Go after your dreams now by removing these patterns above from your life
Some patterns can be sabotaging and deadly unaffordable
We have to consciously confront these patterns if we want new results.
One thing about patterns is even when it does not serve you, you will rationalize it and continue to allow the patterns determine your outcome in life.
A new you is possible.
You have the power to bring into existence what has never existed before including a new you.
If you don’t alter some of these things there will be no difference in your results again in 2018. I am elated because you are going to do something differently.
If you have not taken our Brutal Honesty Self Assessment Test (BH-SAT) I will implore you to take it quickly. If you have not read Teachers are dead Pls do that also quickly, they will help you to tie up your learnings.
Until you are tired of your present self you may not be able to create the congruence between your conscious and unconscious mind that is need to create your best possible.
Plato was asked which question is the most important question man must find answers to he said MAN KNOW THY SELF.
Are you tired of yourself?
Are you tired of how you are living?
Are you tired of your bank balance?
If you are tired of the above then you have the power to create something new
Now let us look at patterns of successful people teachers can emulate

Great coaches want to identify great people before they become great. Imagine there is a technology to identify who will become Ebenezer Adetola, Chimamanda Adiche, Osibajo, Sam Adeyemi, Femi Otedola or Cobham Asuquo when they were barely 12years. What if there was a technology to identify Marc Zuckerberg before he emerged?
The big question is can you really tell somebody he is going to be successful in life?
Yes today I am going to tell you patterns that guarantee success. Yes success.
Yes today I am going to tell you patterns that guarantee success. Yes success.
If you bring these patterns to your life, you must get a new result.
And these patterns has been observed in people irrespective of what they do, where they come from and opportunities that they get.
Successful people FINISH THINGS.
If they are playing a puzzle they can’t stop until they finish it. They read a book they have to finish it. Many people start reading a book and don’t go beyond chapter 4. Successful people they finish things once they start. They just find it difficult to give up unconsciously. And when this shows up in their lives they get more result
People around them out EARN them.

All their circle earn more than them. They put themselves in a situation where people around them are bigger than them because that is the next level or platform they are looking for.

The poor feel secured among people they earn more than
Their Mind Never Stops

What if this happens? what if I take this training?
What if I partner with that person?
What will happen?
Their mind never stop. They are always looking for something to do and when they start they finish things.
Credible People say they are going places.

Pastor, Imam, Coach, Boss, Teacher, Superiors etc. Credible people who knows their flaws, habits, patterns, they know if he finishes things or not.

They say it. Once credible people see you going place it’s a #RecipeForSuccess
Always Learning

Successful people don’t stop learning, they want to learn this, they want to be better at that. They are a student. There is a constant desire to want to be a better student learning more.
They are Extremely Obsessive
Once they want something, their minds say I HAVE TO HAVE IT.

They really want what want and they really end up getting what they want because they have to have it. They are obsessed about it and once they are obsessive about it they figure out creative ways to get what they want.
They expect to be successful.

You get in most cases what you expect.
Successful people believe it is their right to be successful and their whole life is working to achieve their expectations
The recognize the spiritual connections

Be it Pastor, Imam or Babalawo whatsoever they believe in they don’t joke with it. Paying tithe offering and Zakat is never a problem for them.


They engage in charity work deliberately just because they believe in the spiritual connections. The spiritual controls the physical.
I am not suggesting that you will be 100%, just try and begin to bring these patterns deliberately to your life and before you know it. Your outcome will be favorable.
Final words.
It is up to the teacher to innovate a great life for his or her self by ensuring best practices.

The world is waiting for your best possible.

Thanks for reading.

I am waiting for questions.

Coach Ashimolowo Ademuyiwa 08033352600



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