Good  evening everyone.

I’m quite pleased to  be here to talk a bit about Being Creative against all odds,

So, diving right into it, I would love to say that every teacher has the opportunity to be creative despite the resources or the school they find themselves in.

A creative teacher starts from recognising the skills and talents of every child they teach….

Then they seek to engineer learning moments to match the child’s skills and talents

Before I go on, I would like to know the main issues any teacher will face that hinders creativity.


Planning I guess

Lack of idea abt creativity

Sir, finance can affect teacher’s creativity

Being able to think outside the box,unwilling to learn,lack of exposure

Some are lazy and lack initiative

I support lack of ideas. Some are willing but lack the creativity

Time: Trying to meet up with impossible schedules and completing the scheme hinders creativity

Inadequate or no Materials too..

To me, I think too much workload on the teachers can hinder their creativity.

Some are not teachable they think they know it all

Ones environment can also be a hindrance. when a teacher is surrounded by people who do not value creativity.

Most school owners don’t appreciate it

Also, most schools don’t value creativity because they see it as a waste of time and resources.

Lack of zeal to bring out that creative talent in us as teachers. That means we do not know how to go about it

Teachers not wanting to go outside the box

I was not helped in been creative when I was growing up but as I speak my three children are doing great with it as soon as they saw what I was doing and I had to encourage them with hands-on practices and materials

Time and delay in payment of salary

How to help the child be more creative and activities to foster creativity in a child….. thank you Sir.

Some are lazy in doing classwork nd homework

Lack of understanding of what CREATIVITY REALLY MEANS

Been u able to interpret the curriculum to meet each learning needs

What are the strategies someone can use to get the attention of  teachers that don’t have interest in creativity?

Mr Joseph Aisida in his response slade that 

Sometimes it’s because there is no proper supervision and monitoring of teachers, it mentoring plans to lead them along creative lines….

We as teachers need to see the need to be creative as a must, not a luxury….

In being creative, you need to seek out simple ways of adapting what you find all around you to get the job done

Therefore it becomes second nature to find out new ways of doing things even though we taught the subject in one way the previous Year.

So, in beginning to round up, important strategies for being creative will include:…

1. Being resourceful with the use of the internet

2. Always look around you for materials to use….

3. Be proactive in  taking the necessary steps to be creative. Do not wait for your school’s management.

Wow, time is far spent, and unfortunately I was only able to give one hour to this tonight.

Thank you and goodnight


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