Aesthetically pleasing surroundings influence both learning and social behaviour.
Displays are focal points for learning. They show to a wider audience what the children
have achieved while reaffirming the value of their work. It also help children and teachers to see things in different ways and to make connections between ideas.

The workshop is expected to be for a full day ( – 4.30pm)

The workshopwill be delivery in practical and theory, WITH interesting, informative and life transforming.

The following instructional methods will be used in training delivery:

• Formal presentations
• Peer training
• Group work and exercise
• Role play
• Demonstrations
• Mentoring
• Self-assessment and action planning


  1. Artistic approach to instructional display boards
  2. Understanding Maths wall
  3. Understanding Literacy wall
  4. Understanding classroom behaviour reward system
  5. Understanding labelling in displays
  6. Understanding learning wall
  7. Embedding technology into displays
  8. Differentiation in displays
  9. Creating interactive displays
  10. Understanding Working wall
  11. Display policy guide

13.Using displays to reinforce instructional goals

  1. Practical 70%

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